You Have To See These Animals Who Come To The Rescue Of Other Animals In Need!


Animals are very perceptive, so much so that they sometimes actually help other species in need. How do animals know that an animal of a different species is in need? The answer may surprise you. According to biologists at the University of Winnipeg, many infant mammals have similar distress calls. These calls are so primal that, for example, a mother deer will actually rush to the distress calls of other infant mammals, including humans! Here are 5 truly amazing stories in which animals came to the aid of another animal in need.

Dolphins Help Rescue Lost Dog

When a dog fell into a canal in Florida, his life was in grave danger and if it wasn’t for the help of a pod of dolphins he would have probably perished. The dolphins recognized the dog’s call for help and made splashing noises for 15 hours in order to get the neighbors’ attention. Then, they found Turbo, the dog who now owes his life to his marine friends.

A Bear Saves A Drowning Crow

In June 2014, a Budapest Zoo visitor photographed the zoo’s grizzly bear, Vali, saving a crow from drowning. It seems as though the bear’s reactions weren’t done due to the crow’s distress call, but rather out of mere curiosity. We’re pretty sure that the crow didn’t mind what the bear’s motives were as long as the bear didn’t end up eating him.

A Seal Comes To A Dog’s Rescue

animals saving animalsAn English man was out walking his dogs when he encountered an injured dog whimpering at the water’s edge. When he approached the wounded dog it panicked and jumped into the River Tees and was swept away by the tide. Out of no where, a seal emerged from the water and began to circle the dog. The seal then swam behind the dog and used its nose to push it onto a mud flat where the dog was able to stand. The man said he could not believe his eyes and that it is an event he will never forget.

Dolphin Rescues Beached Whales

animals saving animals
When two pygmy sperm whales became stranded on a beach in New Zealand, a heroic dolphin, named Moko, came to the rescue. The incident took place in 2008 when a group of people attempted to get the two whales back into the sea. Just when the people were ready to give up, Moko the dolphin appeared, communicated with the whales, and lead them back to sea.

A Manatee Kept An Eye On A Stranded Dog Until Help Arrived

animals saving animals
A dog who was stranded in a river in Tampa, Florida, survived thanks to the help of a manatee who stood by him. The manatee kept the dog company until a local police officer saved the dog from the water. The dog’s pleas for help are what attracted the manatee’s attention, a naturally curious species. The manatee remained by his side until an extension ladder was brought to bring the dog back to land.