Yum! 9 School Lunches From Around The World.


Bored of the same old PB&J sandwiches? Take a bite out of these school lunches from around the world! Here is our list of the most healthy and appetizing meals for young minds…


Brazil has a winning entry! Delicious looking Feijoadas (rice and beans), pulled pork with veggies, salad, and baked plantains. This certainly looks like a lunch of champions!


Thank you Finland for this nommy-nom midday meal! Pannakkau and berries, pea soup, carrots, beet salad and a bread roll make our mouths water. You’ve got yourself one awesome school lunch!



Oh my this school lunch looks good! Kiwi, carrots, green beans, brie cheese, apples and a generous helping of steak. We secretly wish we were French now.



Scrumptious Greek yogurt with pomegranate, chopped vegetable salad, stuffed grape leaves, oranges and chicken over orzo. This school lunch looks so good, it’s hard to believe this isn’t a gourmet meal from a fancy restaurant.



Succulent grapes, caprese salad, a baguette, and penne with sauce and fish on a bed of arugula. We’re sure the kids in Italy are getting a great education, because with a meal like this who wouldn’t have the energy to sit in a classroom and learn algebra?


South Korea

Broccoli florets, peppers, fish soup, vegetables and tofu on rice make up a South Korean school lunch. Everything about this meal is super healthy and is the epitome of ‘brain food’.



In Spain, oranges, peppers, tomato soup, a bread roll and shrimp on a bed of rice and veggies are a common school lunch. What’s not to like about this lunchtime meal? The plate screams healthy and delicious!



While this meal looks a little less colorful than some of the other school lunches on this list, this Ukrainian meal packs a whole lot of punch. The protein from the sausages, along with the vitamins from the beets and cabbage, make this one helluva meal.



Last in the series is the USA. Slightly disappointing, it lacks color, variety, and nutrition that growing bodies need. Come on team, let’s get it together with some better choices!