Breaking the Mold: This Woman Proposed to Her Fiance in the Most Beautiful Way


A Wedding proposal is often one of the most magical moments in a couple’s life together, and that was certainly the case for Sonja Lishynki and her longtime boyfriend Stefan Dumas. The adorable pair got engaged at sunrise on the Charles Bridge in Prague. In a romantic turn of events Sonja was the one to pop the question by surprise 2 years in the making and totally floored Stefan.


“Stefan was elated and surprised ― but not surprised at the same time because we’ve never done anything in a traditional way,” Said Sonja “He cried. He was overwhelmed I think. But also elated and joyous. I think he was taken aback by how much it meant to him.”

So how did it all happen? Well this couple, who run their own travel blog and therefore see all the romantic and gorgeous spots all over the globe, were in Prague for a close friends wedding. With a professional photographer on hand to “scope out good shots for the blog” they took to the streets early in the day to avoid throngs of tourists.
After pausing by the waters edge so their photographer could get some posed photos and Sonja could grab some water from her bag for the couples’ thirsty pooch (Montecristo), the time came for the big reveal.

Sonja reached into her bag and pulled out a ring box and Stefan’s tearful and heartfelt reaction couldn’t have been scripted any better! Why now all their time together happily unwed? “After all our mutual talk of how it wasn’t important, that common law was just fine, it sunk in that, indeed, we did want the world to recognize our relationship ― not just Canada where [we live and] common law is accepted,” Sonja shared with us.

proposal- riverside

The uniqueness of Stefan’s ring can’t be ignored. As a descendant of Alexandre Dumas, the famous writer of such greats as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Montecristo, the ring is a recreation of the family signet. Sonja researched the original and had a retired Hungarian master jeweler handcraft he ring to make it as authentic as possible. The whole process took her nearly 18 months to complete and culminated in this incredible surprise.


Talk about girl power and going after what you want! This special couple deserves a lifetime of continued happiness and adventures together.