You Won’t Believe These Bizarre Customs From Around The World!


Every country has it’s own set of laws and customs that make it totally unique from all the other countries with their, um, unique laws and customs. Have you ever stopped to think about how completely weird these practices are though? We didn’t until we created this list. I mean, what kind of educated person would actually believe a weather forecast given by a groundhog? Americans, baby. You won’t believe these bizarre customs from around the world! Take a gander at our list to see some of the strangest traditions we humans partake in.

Austria: Finger Pulling

Bizarre customs-finger pulling
Don’t expect a farting noise only your creepy uncle would make with this maneuver. Finger pulling is serious business in Austria. So serious that Austrians have turned it into a national sport. The point of Fingerhakeln or “finger wrestling” is to drag your opponent across the table by the finger.

He who has the strongest finger is declared the winner. On second thought, bring on the creepy uncle.