Check Out 10 Breathtaking Places To Go Sky Diving


4. Mount Everest, Nepal


If you can’t climb it, dive it. This dive will cost you thousands of dollars however, so if you’re planning on going, you may want to start saving. Mount Everest is the earth’s largest peak at 8,848 meters.

5. Victoria Falls, Zambia


Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful places on earth and a spectacular view on the way down. With the falls on one side, and lush forests on the other, wherever you decide to land will be pristine. Victoria Falls is actually on the border of two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Next time you’re in the United Arab Emirates stop by Dubai. You can see the skyline and the water from this dive, with a little architectural surprise in the water for you. Dubai is also known if its luxury shopping, so make sure to grab some souvenirs on your way out.