10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Multilingual


Almost every celebrity has some kind of hidden talent. Among the most talented celebrities, there are those who are multilingual. Some learned multiple languages in their childhood, whereas others did so later on in life. Here are 10 multilingual celebrities, and you won’t believe which languages they can speak!

Natalie Portman

Born in Israel, Portman speaks fluent Hebrew and also knows some German, Japanese, French and Arabic. After graduating from her bachelor’s degree at Harvard University, Portman took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she improved her Hebrew.

Mila Kunis

Natalie Portman’s costar in Black Swan, actress Mila Kunis speaks fluent Russian. The actress was born in the Ukraine and was seven years old when her family moved to Los Angeles, California. Once in America, Kunis was depressed because she didn’t speak any English. That’s when her parents decided to enroll her in acting classes to help her improve her English.

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball player Kobe Bryant speaks fluent Italian and Spanish. This is due to the fact that at age six he moved to Italy because of his father’s professional basketball career.

Malin Akerman

You may have been tipped off by her Swedish name, but Malin Akerman was not only born in the Scandinavian country, she speaks the language too, despite having grown up in Canada. The actress, whose name is popular in her homeland, also speaks French and Spanish.

Rita Ora

British singer Rita Ora was born in Kosovo to Kosovan-Albanian parents and speaks Albanian. Although she is not completely fluent in the language, she is able to answer interviews in that tongue.

Ben Affleck

One of the more surprising people on the list of celebrities you didn’t know were multilingual is Ben Affleck. The actor learned Spanish at age thirteen while filming a children’s television program in Mexico. He spent a year traveling the country with his mother and brother.

Sandra Bullock

Though she was born in Virginia, Sandra Bullock was raised in Nuremberg, Germany for twelve years and grew up speaking German. Bullock held an American and German dual citizenship until the age of 18 and reapplied for German citizenship in 2009.

Viggo Mortensen

The Lord of the Rings star knows several languages. He grew up speaking Spanish, English and Danish, as he lived until age eleven with his American mother and Danish father in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster learned to speak fluent French in a French-language prep school, the Lycée Français de Los Angeles. She acted in several French films and even dubbed herself from English to French in the films Moi, fleur bleue and A Very Long Engagement. Foster also speaks some Italian as well as a little German and Spanish.

Leonardo DiCaprio

We bet you didn’t know this, but Leonardo DiCaprio learned how to speak German after spending part of his childhood in Germany with his maternal grandparents.