You Won’t Believe What Silly Mistake This Thief Made!


Number one rule for any thief out there that has, or is considering, committing a crime: don’t try to sell it for money in the same exact town where you committed the crime!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how dumb people can actually be when committing a crime.  It’s even more absurd to think that there are full on TV shows dedicated to dumb criminals.

Take Alby Myhres case for example. This poor elderly man came home one day to find that his music room was broken into and three of his most prized possessions.. stolen. What was the most upsetting, was the robber took his favorite violin.


The total value of all the items turned out to be a total of $20,000, so it didn’t come off as too much of a surprise that the criminal would try to sell these items to make a bit of cash.

Get this.. the thief took the instruments to Myhre’s Music-Alby’s family store. Okay, okay, not every house has the family name written on the mailbox, but come on man! How ignorant can you be?

Lucky for Alby, he immediately recognized the stolen instruments and immediately called the thief out for trying to sell them back to him.  He was finally reunited with his beloved instruments.

This just goes to show that what goes around, really does come back around.  Obviously the thief wasn’t too intelligent to put two and two together. But still, he got what he deserves.

This man wasn’t the only one to “mess up”.  There was another similar situation that involved a man confronting a woman at Starbucks who was walking around with a bag of Halloween decorations that she stole from his house.  People, where is your common sense??