Waitress Saves Old Woman Stuck in Bath for Four Days


An 87-year old woman was stuck in her bathtub for four days before being rescued by a waitress who realised she had not come in for her regular cup of tea.

Doreen Mann is an older woman who drinks tea and eats a slice of cake five times a week at the Tomassi’s cafe in Essex, England. Overtime, a waitress at the cafe, Sonia Congrave, became accustomed to seeing her regular customer. Congrave, the 39 year-old waitress, became concerned after not seeing her regular customer for a couple days. She quickly decided to take action. Waitress Congrave called the police who finally helped Mrs. Mann out of the tub she was stuck in. Mrs. Mann had been stuck in her bathtub for four days!

Waitress saves Old Woman

Mrs. Mann’s knees became immobile when she tried to get out of the bath. For four days, the 87-year old drank cold bath water to survive. Mrs. Mann only had a towel to keep herself warm. Mrs. Mann stated that she does not plan to take any more baths in the future as she is too afraid now.

After saving her customer, waitress Congrave again went above and beyond and also purchased a cellphone for Mrs. Mann in case of emergencies.

In the video interview below, Congrave states, “I’m just glad she’s okay, I’m glad nothing bad happened. I think it would be nice for us all to take a bit of a time-out to remember our neighbors or remember the lady down the road who you haven’t seen in a few days and just give a knock or a phone call. Just say ‘Hey, are you alright?”

Sonia Congrave reminds us all to take care of each other and notice one another. Congrave continues to check on her older customer regularly.

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