You Won’t Believe What This Man Accidentally Found In An Old $125 Dresser He Bought


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? It certainly was true in this case.

67-year old Emil Knodell went to a regular old estate yard sale in Bellville, Texas, thinking he would try his luck at finding some second hand furniture. While having a look around, his eye was drawn to a particular dresser. He liked the wood finish and the marble top that he thought gave it an elegant finish. When he inquired about it, the seller let him know that it was 125 years old, a real antique find! Emil immediately knew he had to have it.

Since the yard sale had already been going on for three days and the dresser was not sold yet, he even decided to mark the price down to $100. Emil immediately purchased it and took it home. What he did not realize was that this dresser was worth much more than the small $100 price tag. However, he would soon find out.

Dresser Treasure

When Emil took the dresser home, he had some friends help him move it in to his home. While they tipped it to the side, the noticed a strange sound, like something was stuck inside, even though the drawers were completely empty. Upon further investigating, a secret compartment was found on the bottom of the dresser. Inside, Emil and his friends discovered diamonds, jewelry, cash, and also Civil War memorabilia. Even though the exact amount that the treasure was worth remains unknown since Emil did not have the contents appraised, it is certain that the goods that were found are worth a large sum of money.

The best part? Emil decided to call the seller and return the contents to their rightful owner. Now that’s a man with dignity. The seller said that the dresser originally belonged to his grandparents and that he had absolutely no idea that it contained anything. It’s nice to hear that there are still honest people out there in the world, Emil definitely earned some points in the Karma bank.