How A Mobile App Will Teach You A Foreign Language


In today’s global market where everything is at your finger tips knowing more than one language is more than a bonus it is a necessity! But how do you find time to devout to studying and reviewing countless flashcards and practicing grammar rules? Between work, the gym, balancing your relationships and maybe sleeping occasionally…there just isn’t enough time in the day!

Thankfully today’s mobile world has brought forth countless mobile apps that take the stress out of learning a new language, and allow you to utilize every spare moment of your day.

mobile app-cellphone

Educational apps are more prevalent than ever but that being said, you as an individual are responsible for figuring out which ones are worth your time and possibly your money. Not all apps are free and some require that users register with their Facebook or Google account plus pay a monthly fee to access the full range of materials on site.

Being realistic with your language learning goals can also make a huge difference. Some apps focus on grammar rules and some on increasing vocabulary. If you are attempting to learn a language in order to travel with work then an application that focuses on grammar and verb structure may be more pertinent. A hobby language learner might just want to know how to order a beer and compliment a good looking waiter.

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Although an app like Duolingo or Anki makes learning more accessible you still need to establish a regular routine so you don’t lose any gains you make! Regularly accessing the app while on the bus say, or when you take your lunch break at the office can ensure steady progress. Remember, mobile apps are tools and should be used as such! Finding one that feels enough like a game to keep your attention strong is a good tactic. And if you’re really driven than enlisting a few friends or coworkers in a language learning competition can take your app usage to the next level.

Get off Facebook or Twitter long enough to download a language app and watch your life change in front of your eyes. You’ll never feel lost when you travel again!