4 Year Old Boy Dresses Up As His Military Dad And Gets Biggest Surprise Of His Life


Every year, kids get excited when Halloween comes around. They get to dress up in costumes and walk door to door collecting candy, what’s not to love? A lot of kids dress up as their favorite superheroes, pretending to have superpowers and donning capes and masks to show the world that they are superheroes.

However, while 4-year old Jayden Hayes also decided to dress up as his favorite hero, his costume did not include a cape, mask, or fancy gadgets. As the phrase goes, “not all heroes wear capes.” Jayden’s father, Jermaine Hayes, is an Air Force staff Sergeant who is stationed far away from Jayden, all the way in Iraq. So this year for Halloween, Jayden decided to honor his favorite hero and dress up as his dad.

military dad

Little did he know, his mother, Kavasia, was planning a special surprise for him. However, the surprise ended up being for both Jayden and Jermaine. While Jermaine thought he would be surprising his young son by showing up to join him while tick or treating, Kavasia had something else up her sleeve. She had actually planned an entire surprise party for both of them!

The party took place in their hometown, a few days before Halloween. When asked about it, Jayden said that he often misses his dad when he is deployed oversees, so naturally this was a wonderful surprise for him. Meanwhile, Jermaine received a hero’s welcome back home, much to his surprise as well. It was certainly a well planned and thought-out and heartwarming surprise. We can’t get enough of Jayden’s huge smile while being held by his hero, his father. The whole family looks so happy, finally reunited after a long time apart.

You can see the whole reunion in the video below: