You Have To See the Stunning Details of Lauren Conrad’s Home


Lauren Conrad is well known for her simple yet elegant style. Naturally, you would expect her home to be nothing short of glamorous and beautiful. Well if this is what you were expecting— you’d be right on the money.

Inside her California home, where she lives with her husband William Tell, one can find home decor imprinted with LC’s signature style: pastels, florals, and elegance. The dreamy home has an oasis-like feel, which must give the couple a feeling of relaxation and respite from the hectic life of L.A. The overall style of the home can be described as adhering to a boho-chic style with touches of textured details and an overall luxurious resort-like feel. Each room has its own unique feel and simple yet beautiful decor.

The Dining Room

Lauren Conrad

This room features a very rustic, almost farm-like feel. The minimalistic brass light fixture and exposed wooden table juxtaposed with elegant china and potted plants give the room a cozy and relaxed feel. We would definitely feel comfortable having a quiet lunch with LC here.

The Bathroom

Lauren Conrad

The theme of simple and elegant continues to show up in the bathroom. It features an elegant clawfoot standing tub and simple glass door to the shower. There are hints of color accents in the clean, all-white bathroom, as can be seen in the window frame and small rugs. Finally, LC chose classic subway tiling for the floor, which pulls the whole bathroom together.

The Exterior

Lauren Conrad

The exterior might be the most impressive segment of Lauren Conrad’s home. Here we can see a large elegant archway with mosaic detail that is reminiscent of Moroccan designs. She has also added in large putted planets in beautiful azure and teal ceramic pots. All of the stunning colors are balanced with simple brick floors and large glass doors.

The Kitchen

Lauren Conrad

Lauren calls the kitchen one of her favorite rooms in her home, and we can clearly see why. The kitchen features a spacious and modern country feel, with all white cabinets and appliances accented by wood and brass features. LC wanted to make sure that the kitchen would serve a dual purpose: as a comfortable space for meal prepping as well as entertaining. We think she definitely succeeded.