9 Personalized Pet Products For People Who REALLY Love Their Animals


Crazy about your pets? Or maybe you know someone else who is? These 9 personalized pet products will have any animal lover busting out their credit card and saying “gimme!”

Personalized Pet Stuffed Animals

Send a picture of your pet to Cuddle Clones, and they will create a personalized stuffed animal just for you. This is probably our favorite of all of the personalized pet products.

pets-stuffed animal

Personalized Pet Key Chain

Send in a picture of your adorable dog, cat, fish, rabbit or other pet, and Pooch Tags turns it into a customized key chain. They even make necklaces, bracelets, magnets or dog tags. We’re definitely ordering one for our furry friend.


Customized Pet Portraits

We just love the idea of commissioning a custom portrait of our furbabies. Etsy has a wide selection of custom pet portrait artists, but we’re quite partial to the colorful style of Dawg Art.


Custom Cookie Cutters

How cute is this? Customized Cookie cutters in the shape of doggies, fish, milk bones, and even paw prints with your pet’s name. Get outta town!  So the next time you need to make some homemade dog biscuits or cat treats, you can make them adorable and customized.


Custom Plush Pillows

Holy Stromboli. We just fell in love with a pillow from Shebo Design. No joke. I used to have a rabbit as a kid and I can’t even imagine how excited I would be if someone got me a custom bunny pillow that looked just like my little Buttercup. This is definitely a personalized pet product win!


Custom Catnip Toys

Cats go crazy for catnip toys and we would too if they all looked like this! Miso Handmade makes adorable customized catnip toys, as well as catnip toys in adorable patterns. Whether your kitty needs a Goldfish or sushi she’s the one to go to.


Custom Felted Pets

A custom felted sculpture is the way to impress the die hard pet lover in your circle. These custom felted sculptures from Dreamwood Artwood Designs are flipping adorable.  Friends, family, anyone out there, we don’t have a birthday coming up but this needs to happen.

pets-felt animal

Personalized Dog Collars

Marityn Dog is a designer that makes adorable personalized doggie collars. But not just any personalized dog collars, beautiful tribal patterned ones and geometric patterns! You can also get the matching leash to go with!


Personalized Pet Beds

I would buy this just to see my cat looking like a boss in a bed with his name on it. This dog’s expression is amazing. Because every cat or dog needs a place where they can rule the roost! From MDF Craft and Rustic Boutiques, respectively.

pets-custom bed