14 Images That Will Send Your OCD Into Overdrive


These images are just painful — even if you don’t have OCD! Guaranteed to annoy you, these 16 images make you say “HUH?”


Everyone has that friend who can’t seem to cut the cake properly, but this is a bit extreme.


Why Do People Do This?

We get it, you’re popular but try answering a message or two! Or better yet, mark all as “read”. Ugh, frustration central.

Why do people do this to themselves? Mark all as read please!

Um Hi, These Walls Don’t Match Up

There’s an old saying, “measure twice and cut once”, we would advise a do-over here.

walls dont match up

Lemons and Limes

Almost the same but not quite. C’mon guys, lets not be cruel!

what sort of person would do sucha a thing?

Just Wrong

We have no idea how this is possible, but it’s bizarre on too many levels to be healthy.

Uch this is just wrong

Turn Turn Turn!

Such a small adjustment could prevent this level of annoyance from occurring.

Turn turn turn!

Straight Lines

It’s cool, we appreciate people who think outside the box. But this is disorienting and nauseating at the same time.


This is Too Much

We hope they didn’t pre-order to many of this shirt. Face Palm!

this is too much

Office Antics

Just a small request to keep peace in the office.

This is brilliant

Directionaly Challenged

Labeling is a very important skill that most people learn in early life. Please fix this!

This is awful

The World has Gone Mad

We don’t even know how this happened…

The world has gone mad

All the Tiny Shapes

Look closely, very closely. Can you see what doesn’t match? We sure can! Urgghhhh!


Okay This Has Been Done to Annoy Me.

This is either strategically done to annoy me or a very dumb mistake. No excuses, it needs to be righted immediately.


Didn’t Anyone Teach Subway How to do Puzzles?

We laughed out loud when we saw this goof-up. It pays to give employees a raise every once a while, just saying.

Didn't anyone teach Subway how to do puzzles?