These 5 Super Foods Will Boost Your Immune System


If you’re looking for an easy way of staying healthy and to avoid getting sick this season then look no further! These 5 superfoods will give your immune system the super boost it needs to combat almost anything.

Sweet Potato

Put down the OJ, this super spud is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A which are both essential to fighting off infections. You can cut them into wedges and bake for healthy sweet potato fries or puree them to make sweet potato mash. The possibilities are endless!


Butternut Squash

This orange super squash is jam-packed with Vitamin A, which improves the goblet cells in your gut so your body can absorb and digest nutrients efficiently. Without a healthy digestive system, the vitamins and nutrients from food can’t reach the parts of the body which need healing. You can roast this squash, cut it up, add it to a broth or even put into mac and cheese for a delicious and healthy treat!


Rainbow Trout

If you want your immune system to be in fighting shape then you’re going to need plenty of Vitamin D. This vitamin helps regulate over 290 genes, many of which affect the immune system. You can get the same amount of Vitamin D from 3 ounces of rainbow trout as you would from 5 glasses of milk, so go ahead and give this delicious fish a try. We recommend marinating the fillets in soy sauce and serving with rice, or in a stir-fry, for a healthy Chinese takeaway alternative.



Yogurt is packed with probiotics, the secret ingredient to a better immune system. Probiotics can reduce the inflammation that can cause cold and flu symptoms. When tested on a group of cold-prone individuals, research proved that more probiotic yogurt led to colds being 34% less severe and lasting two days less, on average. If you don’t eat dairy then you can get probiotic supplements, which have a similar effect. Put some plain yogurt in a bowl and add fresh berries, honey, nuts or whatever strikes your fancy for a probiotic-packed snack.



Turns out there is some truth to this whole soup thing! Chicken soup topped the list of the best foods to boost your immune system, as soup contains all the ingredients you need to be healthy. Chicken is high in iron and zinc, which will help build your defenses, and then the vegetables will provide you with those all-important vitamins. The next time you think you’re going to be under the weather simply make up a big batch of chicken soup, and you’re covered.