Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown! You’ve Been Peeling And Cutting These 8 Foods All Wrong


You’ve been eating them for years but are you actually cutting your fruit and vegetables correctly? Here are some tricks to make your life much easier while cutting your fruits and veggies.

Kiwi With A Spoon

Why struggle and get your fingers all slippery when you can simply cut the kiwi in half crosswise and scoop out the yummy parts with a spoon. Rejoice!

foods- kiwi

Avocado Chopped Right

If you want to get it right, watch the following tutorial and then learn how to peel an avocado in order to get the best concentration of carotenoids (beneficial plant pigments), which are in the dark green part of the avocado — closest to the skin.

foods- avocado

Cherry Tomatoes Done Right

Simply place a bunch of cherry tomatoes between two plate bottoms and slide a knife through. Your salad will surely thank you as well as your clothes, which will be spared a cherry tomato spray-down.

foods- cherry tomatoes

Mandarin Oranges Minus The Peeling

Give up peeling forever with the help of Jewel Pie, who suggests using a paring knife to slice off either end of the orange, cut a slit in the orange peel, and roll the whole thing out in a strip. Try it out. You really have nothing to lose.

foods - mandarin orange

Watermelon Squares Ready For A Party

Quit cutting your watermelon into wedges and get it right with the help of this cool video. Simply slice the watermelon or any other melon, for that matter, in half. Then slice it in a grind and you’ll get evenly sized slices that will prevent you from getting watermelon all over yourself.

foods - watermelon

Mango Fun

You actually have two methods of doing this correctly and you’ve probably never tried either of them. The first method is for those of you who don’t have trouble dealing with the middle part of the mango and only hate the peeling process. To solve that issue, all you need to do is slide off the peel using a glass of water. For the other trick to peeling and slicing your mango watch this video.


Pomegranates Done Right

Save yourself and your new shirt from a pomegranate disaster waiting to happen by following Wit and Whistle‘s genius tip on how to eat pomegranates properly. Cut a small scoop out of the top of the fruit but don’t make the cut too deep so you are not sprayed to death by its seeds. Then cut a slice of pomegranate skin from the bottom of the fruit and allow the pomegranate to fall open so you can enjoy eating it minus the mess and destruction of beloved items of clothing.

foods- pomegranate


Cut An Onion Like A Pro

When it comes to onions there are two major don’ts – using a dull knife and cutting horizontally. Instead, cut the onion in half and then slice it right through the root end. You should now have two pieces that both have some of that ugly root end still attached. Check out Thank Your Body’s tutorial here.

foods- onion