Food Names You Could Be Pronouncing Wrong


Picture this: You’re in a restaurant and you look at the menu. When the waiter comes around you ask for the Bruschetta, but pronounce it “Broo-shet-ah,” when it’s really pronounced “Broo-sket-ah.” Tricky little thing, right? See how many of these food items you could be saying wrong, and to make you feel better, just know that we’ve been saying Bruschetta incorrectly¬†our whole lives. Yikes.



Poutine is a heavenly Canadian dish that comes from Quebec. Ask for a plate of poutine, and you’ll get french fries with cheese curds on top smothered in gravy. You can get this savory hug on¬†a plate all over Canada and some parts of the U.S. But how do you pronounce “poutine?”

It’s like this: Poo-tin. Not Poo-tine, like we’ve been saying ever since our Canadian friend mentioned bliss does come from deep fried potatoes covered in gravy cheese curds.