Eating Food That Would Have Been Garbage


If eating food that was previously thrown out by other vendors does not sound appetizing, prepare to have your mind completely changed.

Restlos Glucklick, a German restaurant whose name translates to “Completely Happy,” serves food dishes out of food rejected by other vendors and takes recycling to a whole new level. This may sound gross, but the not-for-profit eatery does more than use food that would have become waste. The restaurant, which opened in Berlin in May, also teaches people in workshops how to waste less food.

food that would have been garbage

Food waste is a huge worldwide problem. Many supermarkets reject food because of damaged packaging. The Natural Resources Defense Council concluded that in the United States, up to 40 percent of food goes uneaten! Most of the food ends up in landfills with the exception of the small percentage of food that is composted or turned into animal feed.

Sometimes food is even rejected for being a strange shape even if it is nutritious and delicious. Fortunately, around 70 to 80 percent of Restlos Glucklick’s food is from donations from supermarkets and wholesalers.


Most of Restlos Glucklick’s dishes are vegetarian but the chef changes the menu regularly. The menus change depending on the produce the restaurant receives keeping the food fresh, creative, and innovative. Restaurant customers can always trust the food will be delicious and interesting.

Many of the companies that decide to donate food to Restlos Glucklick are more environmentally conscious than most grocery stores or supermarkets. Accordingly, these companies are much less likely to throw out food for how it looks.

Restlos Glucklick is teaching people how to cook with food instead of throwing it out. Sometimes the average eater throws out food before it is even bad or people may get confused about expiration dates. Most food waste experts agree that if you avoid food that is clearly bad, like chunky milk, most food will not do anything harmful to you.

So, next time you travel to Germany, make sure to stop at Restlos Glucklick and enjoy a delicious meal guilt free, knowing you are not harming the environment.

food that would have been garbage