19 Over-The-Top Cakes That Are So Weird It Hurts


What would you do if you got a baby shower, wedding or birthday cake that resembled any of these 19 totally insane cakes? Other than the fact that these cakes don’t look appetizing at all, they draw attention for all the wrong reasons. You have to take a look at these absolutely over the top cakes, many of which look like they came out of your worst nightmare.

Till Death Do Us Part

crazy cakes
This “Till death do us part” cake is supposed to be the epitome of a romantic heartfelt feeling. However, to us, it looks more like a couple’s worst nightmare, inspired by “The Game of Thrones”.

We can’t help but wonder what the cards have in store for this lovely beheaded married couple. We can only hope their future is brighter than this horrific cake.