10 Avocado Recipe Ideas That Aren’t Guacamole


There are more than 1,000 tasty ways to satisfy your tummy with avocado. From sweet avocado pop-tarts, to soup, to bubble tea, get some inspiration to make something else with this yummy fruit besides guac.

Avocado Ice Cream

With avocados, cream, sour cream, sugar, lime and salt, you could be on your way to be making a tasty bowl of avocado ice cream. Described as ‘rich, smooth and creamy,’ this is a foodie delight!


Avocado Daiquiri

With rum, lemon and lime juice, simple syrup, half and half, avocado and ice, you too can indulge in this delicious daiquiri.


Avocado Soup

Thinking about a new take on soup night? This cold avocado soup is a delicious blend of avocado, vegetable stock, water, herbs, spices and vegetables. Delicious and requiring virtually no preparation. Get the full recipe here and be on your way to slurping up your homemade avocado soup.


Avocado Bubble Tea

Avocados, green tea, sweetened condensed milk and tapioca balls give this bubble tea its beautiful green color. Check out the full recipe and enjoy a cool and refreshing drink with friends tonight!


Avocado Buttercream Frosting

Want a unique twist on traditional buttercream frosting? Or maybe you have a little one who would love a green colored cake for a birthday? You can’t go wrong with this avocado buttercream frosting recipe. Healthy desert for the win.


Avocado Naan Bread

Love Indian food? Vegan Richa has created an extremely tasty-looking vegan naan bread recipe to pair with your next Indian style meal. We happen to think the green bread looks pretty cool.


Baked Avocado Fries

Looking for a delicious and different upgrade to your usual french fries? Try these baked avocado fries with cilantro lime dipping sauce for a zesty side pairing. This side dish will definitely stand out at a BBQ or summer cocktail party with friends.


Avocado Risotto

Looking for a mild, creamy update to a classic Italian favorite? Then look no further than avocado risotto with edam cheese, for a scrumptious side dish or even a complete dinner idea. Don’t feel guilty eating pasta ever again.


Avocado Pop Tarts

No, we’re not kidding. As winner of the ‘what you can do with avocados besides make them into guac’ food challenge, we present the prize to Scarletta Bakes for this sweet, glazed, avocado pop tart recipe. Because seriously, now we’ve seen it all.


Avocado Scones

In that rare event when you’re looking for a new scone flavor… Enter avocado scones. It’s the scone flavor that’ll change everything. If you’re into that…