The Transformation Of This Tiny Space Will Blow Your Mind!


If you need some inspiration for your home, we’ve got a solution. Or rather, The Tiny House Movement does. The trend, which challenges architects to create cozy homes from the tiniest spaces, begins with unconventional properties such as school bus or a storage unit! What these places lack in square units, they make up for in creativity, once the designers get through with them that is. One Reddit user decided to flip his storage unit located in Washington, D.C. due to the neighborhood’s rise in popularity. The transformation of this tiny space will blow your mind!

Here’s the storage unit before the makeover. It was originally constructed in 1890.


tiny spaces-storage unit
The interior of the unit appears tired and worn down.
tiny spaces-interior

To provide some airiness, skylights were installed.

tiny spaces-skylights

Next came the plumbing.

tiny spaces-plumbing

The original concrete floor, which was in poor condition, was removed

tiny spaces-removing concrete

Here’s the new concrete being laid

tiny spaces-replacing concrete

The doors were taken down and sold as scrap metal

tiny spaces-doors taken down

The builders put in a new facade, which included a new door and brick entry way

tiny spaces-new entry way

The next step was installing lights, insulation, and a frame for additional rooms

tiny spaces-installation

A new kitchen was created using Ikea’s designs

tiny spaces-kitchen

An artist crafted this ladder, especially for the loft bedroom

tiny spaces-ladder

The new and improved exterior. Just wait until you see the inside…

tiny spaces-exterior

The loft combines the original brick from the 1800s with up to date features

tiny spaces-rennovated kitchen

The kitchen boasts modern appliances and a streamlined look!

tiny spaces-modern

The mirror and skylight create the allusion of extra space

tiny spaces-airy

The ladder serves a dual purpose, the climb to the bedroom, but also as a space divider

tiny spaces-space divider

Behind the ladder is a home office

tiny spaces-home office

This marble shower is the definition of the word luxury

tiny spaces-marble shower

The washer was snuck underneath the counter

tiny spaces-washer

Thanks to the height of the loft, there is plenty of privacy in the bedroom

tiny spaces-loft

The chic makeover transformed a cold storage unit into a warm home

tiny spaces-home

We’d move in ASAP!

tiny home-beautiful space

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