You Won’t Believe How One Man Turned His Tiny Apartment Into A Fully Functional Home!

When Christian Schallert bought a run-down 258 square feet apartment, he knew he wanted to turn his small space into an amazingly functional home. The tiny apartment is located in Barcelona’s hip Born district, and as Schallert takes people through his small space it’s clear that every nook and cranny of his home has been put to good use. With an entire kitchen hiding behind a few cabinets, a bed hidden underneath the balcony, a kitchen table that can be pulled off from the wall and many other surprises, it’s no wonder that Schallert is ecstatic with his tiny space. The video takes you through the entire home and shows viewers what the space looked like prior to the remodel. While Schallert admits that constantly having to pull out different elements of furniture has helped him get bigger and stronger, he is certainly not complaining. The apartment’s fully functional kitchen has allowed Schallert to host as many as 40 people in his 258 square foot space, and to be quite honest we’re kind of jealous that we haven’t been invited to any of Schallert’s parties!

Check out the full video and tell us what you think about this tiny apartment!