Find Out How ONE Hong Kong Micro Apartment Has 24 Rooms!


Architect Gary Chang has lived in his 344 square feet home for the majority of his life. Nearly 40 years ago, he shared the space with his parents, 3 younger sisters, and a tenant who rented one of the rooms. As a child, Chang slept on the couch of the apartment, which was divided into a kitchen, bathrooms and 3 miniature bedrooms. In 1988 his family moved out of their home, but the ChangĀ opted to buy the micro apartment from the landlord for a cool $45,000. He experimented with designs and created a truly unique living experience for himself.

micro apartment

Today the space looks like an average open studio apartment, however, if you pull on certain handles, the walls slide across steel tracks and reveal not one but 24 rooms! The space features a kitchen, library, dining room, guest room, laundry room, spa with a large bathtub, a walk-in closet and a bedroom. According to Chang, the moving walls took 30 years to create and are fairly low-tech. Even so, the house appliances can all be controlled by his smartphone or by a manual option. Chang is head of the architectural firm, “Edge Design“. Read his book about his project titled “My 32m2 Apartment, a 30 Year Transformation”, which you can buy on Amazon. Watch the video below to see Chang’sĀ ingenious home makeover on his micro apartment!