6 Hacks You Need For Your Everyday Life


Peel Garlic in 10 Seconds

No one likes having to peel garlic, but we found a simple way you’ll love! Smash a head of garlic with your palm to break up the cloves. Now you’re going to need two bowls of the same size. Sweep all the garlic bits into one of the bowls, then cover it with the second bowl. Shake the bowls vigorously for several seconds. When you lift off the second bowl, you’ll see that all the garlic cloves have separated from their skins. Voila!

life hack-garlic

Use Your Office Supplies

Getting a little inventive with simple office items can lead to brilliant life hacks. Cables around your computer can constantly challenge your patience. But we have a solution! Use bulldog clips to neatly hook cables to the edge of your desk. Or use the simple post-it note to clean out all those month-old keyboard crumbs. Simply slot the sticky part in between the rows of keys to pull up all the dirt.

life hack-office

Reheating Food

To reheat french fries, never use a microwave: lay them out in a single layer in an iron skillet and reheat using your stove top. An oven also works to help retain crunchiness! If you’re reheating pizza in the microwave, place a glass of water in with it: this will ensure the crust actually stays crispy, rather than going soft.

life hack-pizza

Chilling Drinks

Nothing against classic ice; but there are times when you just don’t want your drink to be watered down. Here’s where some nifty life hacks come in handy. If you’re sipping on some chilled white wine and don’t want it to revert back to room temperature before you’ve finished try this trick: slip in a few frozen grapes. As the grapes thaw, they won’t water down your wine or effect its taste. Easy and Efficient, wouldn’t you agree? To cool your bottle of beer in a hurry? Wrap it in a wet paper towel and throw it into the freezer. In just a few short minutes, it’ll already be nice and cool.

life hack-forzen drinks

Curing Hiccups

Hiccups can be annoying and sometimes even embarrassing. Here is our quick solution for getting rid of them. One man, who suffered from persistent hiccups tried every trick in the book before discovering that a quick gulp of apple cider vinegar did the trick. So next time hiccups are getting in the way of regular life, don’t bother standing on your head while drinking water and reciting magic chants: just head for the condiments isle of your local supermarket.

life hack-vinegar

Avoid Injury When Using a Hammer

Here’s a life hack that’s so simple, and yet so effective you won’t believe it’s true! When hanging pictures use a clothes peg to hold onto the nail, rather than using your fingers. If the hammer slips, it won’t be you that takes a walloping, it’ll simply be the peg. You can also use a comb by supporting the nail between its teeth.

life hack-hammer