7 All Natural Ways To Make At-Home Avocado Beauty Treatments

Everybody knows that avocados make for tasty guacamole, but did you also know you can make some killer, cost efficient beauty treatments with avocados as well? Whether you’ve decided to go au natural, or you just have way too many avocados at home that you need to use, all natural beauty treatments with avocados are a fun way to create an at home spa experience on the cheap.

Avocado Face Masks For Dry Skin

The Omega 3’s in avocados are extremely moisturizing without clogging pores — making them an excellent choice for dry skin. Did you know that avocado also targets fine lines, wrinkles and crows-feet? Avocados also contain Vitamin C, which make them excellent for people trying to get rid of sunspots. You can either buy your own or make this awesome looking one from avocado, honey and yogurt. Just mix avocado, honey and plain yogurt together and smear this stuff all over your face for all over moisturizing and skin protection.