12 Awesome Tricks For Repurposing Old Stuff


Every day we throw out a ton of stuff that we could easily reuse in a fun new way! Don’t believe us? Here are a few ways to put your old stuff to new uses…

Brooch Bouquet

Dig out all of those broken and useless bits of jewelry and turn them into a stunning bouquet. Use paper or fabric flowers and this bouquet will last the test of time.

Old Window Display Boxes

Don’t get rid of those old windows! Turn them into stunning shabby chic display cases that will amaze your friends. Just buy some paint and get on Pinterest already!

Old Furniture Play Kitchen

You can up-cycle old shelves, cupboards, drawers and most other bits of old furniture into a play kitchen for the children in your life. Don’t have any kids? Make one of these and sell it for extra income.


Sock Leggings

We can’t get enough of this idea! Cut down on the cost of baby leggings and finding a use for those soon to be thrown out old socks. All you need is a sowing machine and imagination.

Tablecloth Bibs

Turning an old waterproof tablecloth into a bib is surprisingly quick and easy! Just use an old bib as a template and get crafting. What a great gift idea for new moms!

Rake Tool Rack

A little bit rustic, this genius idea adds an unexpected homey feel. Why not re-purpose that broken rake as a tool rack? You can then hang it on the inside door of your shed or utility room for easy access.


Inner Tube Seats

Who knew you could turn old inner tubes into something so useful? This clever idea involves wrapping fabric around an old inner tube to turn it into a comfy floor seat – your kids will love it. The end result looks absolutely fabulous in any home and your friends will be begging you to make them one!

Necklace Camera Strap

Make your camera a bit more personalized, using an old or broken necklace for a camera strap. Add vintage flair to your old camera and be the talk of the town.

old stuff-camera

Salad Mason Jars

Here’s an incredibly clever idea for using mason jars that grandma never thought of. Fill them up with salad, fruit or cut veggies for food on the go.

Light Bulb Candle Holder

We throw away hundreds of light bulbs every year, and miss out on this beautiful project. The bulbs are perfect for reflecting light and make a real statement piece. One hurricane jar, one candle and lots of light bulbs later you’ll be rather impressed with your new décor.

Necktie Necklaces

This is a really cool idea for dad’s old neckties! All you need are some beads that you can thread into the necktie for a really unique piece.

Crib Magazine Rack

Most people put that old crib up in the attic and forget about it. However, this clever idea lets you turn your old crib into a magazine display rack with no effort. It is also good for displaying towels and scarves.